Charity Event

1-2-3 // A DAY FOR JAPAN
Date: 2011.8.20
The Russian Club 340–344 Kingsland Road E8 4DA London

1-2-3 is a fundraising event devoted to supporting the people in the immediate and
long-term aftermath of the quake and tsunami occurred off the coast of Japan on 11th March 2011.

Artist lineup: Åh Studio, All Cats are Grey, Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad, Bob Foundation,
Damien Poulain, Cony, Hudson Powell, Kee Yip, Lydia Whitmore, Maria Joudina, Nachtisch,
Natsko Seki, Noriteru Minezaki, Postics, Sasha Tugolukova, StudioKanna, Sunday Vision,
Swash, Tomohiro Muramatsu, Yuko Kondo

Event Organized by 1-2-3
Sponsors, Partners and Supporters are listed below


How Very Tokyo:
British Graphic Designers Interpret Tokyo in Poster
2008.12.5 – 12.28
see PDF flyer

Artist lineup: Adam Hayes, Alexandre Bettler, Bibliotheque, Browns
Daniel Eatock, Europa, Graphic Thought Facility, James Goggin, North
OK-RM, Sanderson Bob, Spin, Value and Service

See More Pictures:
Exhibition Space, Opening Party, Online Discussion, Print Proof

Exhibition Directed by StudioKanna
Organized by Open Library, CLASKA
Space Design by Hiroko Shiratori
Creative Support by So Hashizume
Co-ordination by Toru Yoshikawa

Printing Director by Katsumi Kumakura

Sponsor by Yamada Photo Process Inc.
Supported by TRI PINE TRADING Corporation,
SAKATA INKS Corporation