My Thoughts 06: I visited at Werkplaats Typografie in Arnhem(Netherlands) because
my friend has been teaching there. The school was really nice old building which used
be a radio diffusion station and kept some lovely features inside. When I walked in, I
saw full of interesting typographic experimentation on wall and each wall used like a on
going presentation board. And... I found lovely wall space used for baby name poster!
When student had baby, they make poster with their new born baby name and use as
birth announcement! How sweet is that!

My Thoughts 05: I joined letterpress workshop and made my own business card.
I also had to operate the big scarely machine to make my name into metal type, too!
It was great experience to see the whole process and enjoy being in the space with full
of Japanese alphabet in the wooden boxes... Japanese are beautiful.

My Thoughts 04: Good icon is enough to make great CD cover itself. I don't know how
many CD cover Lance Wyman can make!

My Thoughts 03: "Snowing" can be pretend.
Christmas party was held in our studio and there was no sign of snow outside.
So i made "It's snowing" window. Nice and Easy.

My Thoughts 02: "Crop Circle" might be a too spiritual subject but i realized that the
formation of using simple shapes is quite clever and thought it a good excersize for
designing a logo. So i did a little excersize in it. Interesting!

My Thoughts 01: Wood Carving Pattern is beautiful. I wanted to
find out more and my search began in website for more information.
I ended up find "Fruit Carving" and it's really cool.

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